Bild: Radwegweiser

Bicycle Pathes

Ilmenau lies directly on the Ilmtal-Radweg (cycle route through the vale of the Ilm) and is thus linked to the Gera-Radweg (along the Gera) and the Rennsteigradweg (along the Rennsteig path), providing much pleasure to both mountain bikers and the more sedate cyclist. The local cycling route network is complemented by an entire regional network.

The Ilmenau Information office has all you need to help in planning your tours.

From Town to Gown


Take the cycling option to discover the delights of Ilmenau, its University and its Goethe associations.
The cycling routes take you from Goethe on his seat in front of the Amtshaus through the town centre, across the new pedestrian and cycle bridge near the station and directly onto the campus of the Ilmenau University of Technology, renowned for research. Enjoy the impressive view from the bridge over the town and into the hills of the Thüringer Wald. The bridge links the centre to the green recreational area of Ilmenau's Ponds (Teiche). Passing the Great Pond (Großer Teich) one comes immediately upon the TU's modern buildings. Stand in front of the Humboldt building and see the town from a new angle.