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Geo Trail Manebach

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Walking trail Manebach – Kammerberg on mining, geology and paleontology

Glück Auf ! (Pit House)- Sophia's Shaft- Fish Pit- Goldhelm Shaft- Mill Stone- Pinge- Hartental Shaft- Kammerberg Shaft- Deep Andreas Shaft- Red Pit- Upper Philippus Shaft- Artificial Shaft- Steam Engine Shaft- Coal Mine Christiane- Guest House

Guest House

This is about prehistoric findings, highly interesting geological ground openings and coal mining sites. This 6,5 km trail around Manebach offers spectacular insights into the history of earth and life.

Along your way, you encounter witnesses of historic coal mining: Karl August Shaft, Sophia's Shaft, Goldhelmer Shaft, Kammerberg Shaft and Andreas Shaft with tip. The variety of prehistoric findings is unique, too: Whether deposits of fish scales or fossilised horsetail – paleontologists still dig out the most astonishing things. On your walk, you'll be informed about all this on 25 information displays along the nature trail.