Bild: Jagdanlage

Historic Hunting Range

The first record of a "shooting range" on the Kickelhahn goes back to 1591. In the 1730s it was more intensively used because of the huge interest in both hunting and construction possessed by the Duke Ernst August of Weimar (1688-1748). The area surrounding Ilmenau was a favourite hunting ground for the court of Weimar. As the Duke was using the old Gabelbach hunting lodge at the same time, the Kickelhahn and Gabelbach facilities must be viewed as closely connected. When the Duke had died, it seems that the hunting range was no longer used and fell into disrepair.
It has now been revealed and partly restored on the Goethe Trail. It consisted of a hide with a cellar from which three underground corridors radiate for 70 to 90 m. These tunnels are still clear to see as channels. They ended in stone-built blinds. The Duke and his retinue lay in wait here for the ill-fated game which had been attracted by food and saltlicks.