Bild: Essen und Trinken


While the air in and around Ilmenau is so fresh that it sparkles like champagne, that is also a town that understands how to tantalise the tastebuds. Local restaurants and inns serve fine Thuringian cuisine, ranging from traditional bratwurst to trout raised in crystal-clear mountain streams.

The choise spans good, plain cooking to haute cuisine - everything from solid nourihment for hikers to real gourmet fare.


Restaurants and Cafès in German

Thüringer Bratwurst
Is a raw scalded to be char-grilled and which is, under EU regulations, at least 15-20 cm long with a weight of 150 grams or more, not too coarsely minced, in a tight natural sausage casing with a spicy, savoury flavour. 1404 saw the oldest written evidence of its existence, which can be admired in Germany`s first Bratwurst Museum in Holzhausen.

Sunday favourite - Thüringen potato dumplings
Handmade with two thirds raw and one third cooked potato and croutons in the centre: dumplings as grandma used to make them. The accompaniment is the typical Sunday roast- but here in Thüringen the really important thing is the gravy.


Ilmenauer Topfbraten
Is a delicious sweet-and-sour stew using pork kidneys, served in a crusty cob loaf together with Thüringen potato dumplings.


Ilmenauer Schittchen (Stollen)
Is a loaf-shaped cake made of yeast dough into which many delicacies such as almonds, raisins, candied orange and lemon peel, currants and sultanas are worked. It has been the local Christmas cake for more than 500 years.