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Economy in Ilmenau

Ilmenau's economy is especially influenced by
  • the Technical University of Ilmenau,
  • Technology-oriented companies and institutions for IT-, glass- and metal-industry
  • traditional crafts and service provider

Future meets tradition in the technology location Ilmenau. The systematic developement of a modern infrastructure, in connection with the establishment of industrial properties, is leading a attractive relocation possibillities for businesses and industry, both at old industrial locations and in new industrial estates. This is turn leads to new economic structure, strongly cooperated with itself and the Technical University Ilmenau, a network between business and science.

More than 100 buisinesses from industry, the trades, and service have moved into among others the Industrial Park „Am Vogelherd“ and other areas.

The "Am Vogelherd" 
Industrial Park
Binz Ambulance- und Umwelttechnik GmbH at Vogelherd

Eleven new buisness parks have been established since 1991. Additional buisness parks with several dimensions around the Technical University campus set up priorties now.

Information about the science and technology location are avaiable from:

Stadtverwaltung Ilmenau (Ilmenau City Administration)
Wirtschaftsförderung (Economic Development)

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