Bild: Geisslerröhre, Foto: Lutz Ebhardt, Gotha

Special Exhibitions

The GoetheStadtMuseum Ilmenau consistently offers special exhibitions about the town's history and supra-regional aspects for its visitors. Focus is placed on different aspects of the history of Ilmenau, from the development of certain industries such as toy manufacturing to famous personalities who have worked in Ilmenau. Sometimes the special exhibitions also correspond to significant anniversaries or celebrations, for example the “250 years of Thuringian Porcelain” exhibition in the year 2010.

Technical Innovations from the Ilmenau region

1st Mai 2016 until 30th December 2016

Kathodenstrahlröhre mit Blumenstrauß
Photo: Lutz Ebhardt, Gotha

The focal point of this exhibition is Ilmenau as a place of science, research, education and their implementation in trade and industry. Various authentic objects from the fields of glass production, medical technology, engineering, electric engineering, computer technology, porcelain, toy making, glove making and sport equipment manufacturing provide an overview of the inventive talent in Ilmenau and its surrounding area.

Further information about the exhibition (in german language)